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Is Dick Bové About To Freshen Up The Old Buy/Sell/Hold Analyst Ratings?

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Nothing official yet but it seems pretty clear that the following anecdote...:

We at American Banker knew we might take some heat when we decided to name a former Wal-Mart executive as our most innovative person in banking this year. Bankers and the retail behemoth have been frequently at odds, to say the least...When I picked up my ringing phone late Thursday, Dick Bove identified himself, told me he had to hang up soon for a conference call, and then, without a pause, launched into an impassioned monologue detailing his criticisms of Wal-Mart's financial services operations. For seven minutes, he proceeded to lay out several criticisms of Wal-Mart and its long-nurtured efforts to get into banking by any means possible. The retailer does not have to comply with burdensome banking regulations, he said; it does not lend, as banks do; it charges people for cashing their checks, whereas banks cash their customers' checks for free. (As the article noted, many people do not have bank accounts or do not use them regularly, preferring instead to use Wal-Mart or other nonbank financial services companies.) Bove also raised the bitterly-contested issue of debit card interchange, or "swipe fees," which the banking industry is still smarting over....Bove then signed off by [saying], "Wal-Mart is an abortion."

...seems to suggest "Balls Deep/Pull and Pray/Abortion" can't be far behind.

As a Bank, Wal-Mart Is 'An Abortion '- Bove [American Banker]


Dick Bové Reenters The Spotlight In Manner Befitting Dick Bové

When regular old bank analysts switch firms, people don't tend to make a big deal about it. Gardening leave is taken, contracts are signed, key cards are distributed, new business cards are printed. Sometimes you'll get an email address with updated contact information. That's usually it. Dick Bové, as you all know, however, is no regular bank analyst. Which is following his departure from Rochdale Securities, potential employers didn't interview him, he interviewed them, why his son/spokesman, Joe Bové sent out a press release announcing the final countdown to Bové Day, and why, when that blessed day arrived, it was celebrated with a three-course banquet and a little something called the Dick Bové Banking Manifesto.