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Jon Corzine's Second Act?

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As you may have heard, Jon Corzine is out of a job. While most people with a net worth in the range of $100 million and three grown children would see their sudden unemployment as a time to retire, Jon Corzine is not most people. He needs to work to feel alive and he needs to feel like he's making a significant impact in whatever he does. That's why he ran for Senate after being pushed out of Goldman Sachs and that's why he took on the CEO role at "little-known" MF Global after losing the New Jersey governor race to Chris Christie. But what now? At this juncture, it's probably safe to say that a career on Wall Street or holding office is out. Assuming he doesn't go to jail-- which some people think he might--** what's left? Clearly JSC is not going to sit in some poorly lit office pushing papers-- he needs a high pressure environment and he needs to do something special. And in one of MF Global's darkest hours, Corzine shed some light on what that might be.

The downgrade sent MF Global into free fall on Oct. 25. Its stock price plunged and trading partners and lenders demanded more capital to continue doing business with the company. At day’s end, rattled employees dialed into a conference call with Mr. Corzine, who tried to be encouraging. “The sun will come out tomorrow,” he told them, according to one employee.

That's right. We've got an Annie fanatic on our hands, one whose love of a little orphan girl has had him kicking around a dream-- for years, even before he made CEO at Goldman Sachs-- of giving theater goers an Annie they truly deserve. And while there was no impetus to go after it when he was gainfully employed, this firing may have been just the kick in the ass he needs. Audition tapes were sent around this morning but he's not even worried about getting a positive response- in fact, he's banking on opposition. Because he's thinking bigger. He's going to star, produce, and direct. He'd love a good Daddy Warbucks but hell, if he can't find someone he's satisfied with, he'll take on that role, too. Maybe it'll be an avante-garde, re-imagining of the classic, as a one-man show. Maybe it'll be Annie's college years when she shaved her head and refused to answer to anything but "Mabel" for months on end, or maybe they go dark, and explore her childhood from the psychiatrist's couch. The details don't matter- what matters is, he's back. And this time, he's going to rely on his God-given talent to really make it work.

A Romance With Risk That Brought On a Panic [Dealbook]

**In which his contingency plan will be to head up a jailhouse production.


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