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JPMorgan Analyst Strangely Impervious To Married Ex-Boyfriend / Colleague's Romantic Gestures

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Time was, Daniela Rausnitz and David Gray had something special. Following a summer of flirtation across cubicles- Daniela was an intern at JPMorgan, David a "high-flying" third year analyst- the two got together after Daniela graduated from Duke and their relationship was "cemented" when David consoled her over being "sexually harassed by a senior member of the bank." Things were said to have gotten so serious that David, a Cornell '04 graduate, even entertained the idea of leaving his wife. Unfortunately, things hit a rough patch after Daniela transferred to JPMorgan's London office and Big D began "stifling" her. Consequently, Daniela decided to pump the brakes and end things. Still Married David, however, knew better. These two, Daniela and Dave, were meant to be together. Meant for each other. So he did what any other romantic in his shoes would do, and waged a campaign to get her back. Said campaign included the following moves:

* Sending her 176 text messages and 23 emails over just 16 hours

* Using his old key to get into her apartment

* Claiming "he was critically ill in a desperate effort to attract her attention."

* Hacking her email

* Planting "a tracking device in her phone"

At this point, there's a chance Gray stepped back and asked himself, "Is it possible I'm coming on too strong"? A silly question, obviously, as he already knew the answer, which was: "No, no strong enough." So he doubled down on Operation You're The One For Me.

Cranking up his efforts involved:

* Blowing up after "discovering she had a new boyfriend" he "caught her with" at her London apartment he came to surprise her at

* Faking collapsing in front of her at Heathrow

* When confronted, telling the police he was "an agent for the Israeli secret service"

* Claiming he had urgent advice to tell her regarding her safety, obtained from "tapes of conversations recorded by a hidden bug under the bed at her home" that were sent to him

* Attempting to gain sympathy by "claiming falsely that his sister had died and that he was seriously ill in a Paris hospital after an accident"

* Attempting to smooth things over with her dad with two bottles of whiskey and a box of Cuban cigars

And yet, after all this, Daniela still has yet to come around. Maybe she will at some point,** but in the meantime, if any of the above sound appealing, for all intents and purposes, ladies, he's still single (besides his wife but, details). Get in touch.

Stalked all the way across the Atlantic: Terror of ex-lover at hands of Wall Street banker who chased her to London [DM]
David Gray [LinkedIn]

**After dropping the restraining order.


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