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We've Got Your Office Holiday Party Right Here

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Are you employed by an organization that jumped on the Holiday Party Ban bandwagon back in '08 and never got off, or chose to downsize what were once magical affairs where anything could happen to a bunch of people milling around in the lobby? This year, do you want all that to change? Do you want to be able to go hog wild and eat more than the one bag of chips allotted per employee? Do you want to propose paying a senior staffer for a lap dance and not have it be grounds for dismissal this time? You've come to the right place.

We've just been informed by a person familiar with the matter* that Beamers Cafe, thought by some to be the happiest place on earth, will be holding its Holiday Party this Thursday and you're all invited. While you should not feel obligated to come in costume, we're told that actual employees will be wearing "something festive." Additionally, much to the surprise and delight of the guy who was mislead by a Yelp review proclaiming BC to be a "staple on the Stamford culinary scene," when in fact, as he discovered, no food is served, tomorrow will involve some kinds of snacks.

*Dealbreaker Friend Gianna.


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