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When Do-It-Yourself Bonuses Backfire

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Helen Kapoutsos, a 28-year-old West Hartford woman, was arraigned Thursday, charged with embezzling nearly $170,000 worth of checks and credit cards charges used to pay for a lavish lifestyle of shopping sprees, romantic getaways to Nantucket and a trip to Aspen, CO...Kapoutsos' employer went to New Canaan police in September to complain that his personal assistant had written scores of checks and made many more credit card purchases without his permission, her arrest warrant affidavit states. Kapoutsos said her employer met her at a Manhattan strip club and hired her in April 2010. He would pay her $2,600 per month for 20 hours of work per week. Her job was to purchase day-to-day household requirements as well as taking care of the family and other daily tasks associated with being an assistant, the affidavit said. When pressed by police about the huge amounts of checks -- up to $4,200 -- made payable to her, Kapoutsos said she would write herself checks for her "services and time," with the permission of her employer, the affidavit said...In April 2011, she paid herself $16,000 for "extra time," the affidavit said. Kapoutsos said she would have sex regularly with her employer and his fiancee. When police brought the sexual allegation to the employer's attention, the man admitted he and his fiancee did have sex with her a handful of times, but many fewer than Kapoutsos alleged. He said he did not tell police of the sex because he was embarrassed, but he was willing to go forward with the complaint even if further embarrassment would result. [Stamford Advocate]


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