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Woven Society’s Wagner Custom Skis Concierge Program

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If you’ve ever hit the slopes on a pair of rented skis, you know fit is everything, and even a millimeter can make a big difference in your performance on the mountain. That’s why you need Wagner Custom Skis, made by die-hard skier and mechanical engineer Pete Wagner one pair at a time in an ultra-modern shop powered entirely by wind and sun. Wagner skis are built with everything from Kevlar and carbon fiber wraps to old-school standbys like sugar maple and aspen, with a variety of flex and bases for optimum speed in different weather conditions and on specific courses.

For a limited time, with Woven Society’s Wagner Custom Skis Concierge Program, you’ll get the chance to build your dream skis with Pete Wagner. After figuring out your “skier-DNA” via computer algorithms, Pete will set up a phone consultation with you to determine your perfect fit and materials. But wait, there’s more! If you live in or are visiting the Colorado area, you can make an appointment with Pete himself for a personal, private tour of the Wagner factory located in Placerville, Colorado, just downstream from Telluride.

So let’s break it down. The Wagner Concierge Program includes:
• One pair of Wagner skis
• One hour phone consultation with Wagner owner Pete Wagner to customize your skis (items such as topsheet design and certain bases, wraps, and constructions are extra; see Super Durable Base exception below)
• Afternoon tour of Wagner’s solar-powered factory in Placerville, Colorado (airfare, transportation, expenses, and meals not included)

And just for Dealbreaker readers, Wagner’s Super Durable Base (DuraJet extra-durable high-carbon base) upgrade is included with your customized ski build at no extra cost. You’ll definitely want this – it ensures less base damage from rocks, trees, boxes, and rails.

Keep in mind that this kind of service and quality takes time – your custom ski build-out will be ready 3 weeks from finalized design. Skis will be shipped directly to you from the Wagner factory. You must arrange for your Wagner factory tour directly with Pete Wagner.


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