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Write-Offs: 12.09.11

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$$$New Treaty to Save the Euro May Also Divide Europe [NYT]

$$$ Plausible-sounding explanation of how the UK ended up outside of the new EU deal [Economist]

$$$ "[T]he non-euro members who did go along did so mostly because they hope to join the euro. ... This is like supporting the death penalty because you're hoping to end up on death row." [Megan McArdle]

$$$Buffett tips his farmer son as next Berkshire chair [AFP]

$$$ There will be a "low budget remake" of American Psycho [Deadline]

$$$ "Goldman Said to Plan CDs Tied to Equities," who called that? [Bloomberg, us]

$$$ True? "When you came to Princeton as wide-eyed freshmen, you probably didn’t dream of working at Goldman Sachs. What happened?” [Daily Princetonian]

$$$ Carl Icahn launched a tender offer for Commercial Metals [Reuters]

$$$Judge OKs $2.2 Billion Transfer to MF Global Clients [CNBC]

$$$ The most adorable little ratings agency you'll read about all week [DealBook]

$$$ Completely amazing photos of the Phillie Phanatic in its natural habitat [ via Deadspin]

$$$ "The 30-year-old trader ended a nine-year stint at Goldman Sachs in October to strike out on his own - this week launching the world's first custom-fit condoms, TheyFit." [London Evening Standard]


Write-Offs: 2.9.16

Goldman Sachs Abandons Five of Six 'Top Trade' Calls for 2016; Deutsche Bank’s Hybrid Bonds Are in a Death Spiral; Goat arrested for trespassing in India released on bail; and more.

Write-Offs: 03.01.13

$$$ Here's Warren Buffett's shareholder letter [BRK/A] $$$ JPMorgan No. 1 Investment Bank Amid a Flurry of New Deals [Bloomberg] $$$ Goldman Sachs trims risk-taking to lowest level in 7 years [Reuters] $$$ Look Out, Wall Street: The Goldman Sachs Partners Ball Is Back [DI] $$$ Groupon CEO Andrew Mason's severance: $378.36 [CNN] $$$ An investment bank is looking for a head of investment advisory compliance in New York [DBCC] $$$ SecondMarket to Launch Student-Loan Securities Platform [WSJ] $$$ Give us a formula, Argentina [FTAV] $$$ MBIA flags 'going concern' doubts, liquidation risk for unit [Reuters] $$$ New York Men Looking for Sequester Sex on Craigslist [DI]