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Write-Offs: 12.19.11

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$$$AT&T Drops T-Mobile USA Deal [WSJ]

$$$ The Fed will adopt Basel III [WSJ]

$$$ "Contagion of euro area sovereign debt strains remains the most pressing risk for financial stability in the euro area, the European Union and even across the globe." [FT]

$$$ Morgan Ricks: "Any serious program for Wall Street reform should start with two words: 'term out.'" [TNR]

$$$ Are your interns on the collegiate men's or women's lacrosse all-name team? [Inside Lacrosse via Deadspin]

$$$ Rick Perry referred to Kim Jong-Il as "Kim Jong The Second." Yes.

$$$ AT&T/T-Mobile breakup will cost banks $150mm in advisory fees [DealBook]

$$$ But the winning lawyers in the Grupo Mexico M&A litigation will get $285mm in fees [Law Blog]

$$$ Theories about who bought Sandy Weill's apartment [NYO]

$$$ Care to guess what Erin Burnett was doing with 4.5 kilos of heroin? [@ErinBurnett]

$$$ Dominique Strauss-Kahn's wife was named France's woman of the year, narrowly beating out Christine Lagarde [NYP]


Write-Offs: 5.27.16

Somalia plants to print its own currency; North Korea linked to digital attacks on global banks; Kim Jong Un's aunt runs a dry-cleaners in NYC; and more.