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Write-Offs: 12.20.11

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$$$Fed Proposes New Capital Rules for Banks [NYT]

$$$Strong take-up of ECB loans expected [FT]

$$$Ex-NFL Player Willie Gault Charged in Stock Scam [WSJ]

$$$David Einhorn on GMCR: "Simply saying that you take allegations with misconduct seriously does not mean that you actually take the allegations of misconduct seriously." [Reuters]

$$$NBC Reporter Was Charged With DUI, Supposedly After A Party At The Home Of Jerry Sandusky’s Lawyer [Deadspin]

$$$ Here are dogs dyed as tigers and pandas [Daily Mail]

$$$Investors Lose Faith in Stocks As Billions Pour Out of Funds [CNBC]

$$$ Greek finance minister knows that a PSI deal is close to completion "because I have personal knowledge of the negotiations" [WSJ]

$$$ Others disagree [Reuters]

$$$ John Carney: “Racketeering laws were intended to be used against brutal gangsters, not traders taking advantage of informational asymmetries.” [NetNet]

$$$ Stuart Varney: “The second you start talking about the Federal Reserve and QE3 you’ve lost your audience.” Really? On Fox? [Atlantic Wire]


Write-Offs: 03.13.13

$$$ Happy Birthday, Jamie Dimon [DealBook] $$$ There's a pope [DI] $$$ EU May Put Short-Term Bank Creditors in Firing Line for Losses [Bloomberg] $$$ End Looming for Paper Certificates [WSJ] $$$ Is Insider Selling A Concern? (No) [TBP] $$$ I Emailed the CEO of Bank of America to Fix My Credit Score (And He Did) [The Billfold] $$$ A high frequency trading fund is looking for a senior compliance officer in New York [DBCC] $$$ Former Pimco Executive Files, Then Withdraws, Suit Alleging Misconduct [DealBook] $$$ Lehman creditors can question 'London Whale' - judge [Reuters] $$$ New Dell suitors don't make much sense [Fortune] $$$ Goldman Sachs ventures west for annual meeting in Salt Lake City [Reuters] $$$ New York City to Ban Awls [The Awl]

Write-Offs: 7.13.15

Greece; Netflix; Hillary; Lehman; "Woman Angered by Bad Taco Bell Wi-Fi Allegedly Pulls Knife on Teens"; and more.

Write-Offs: 12.15.15

Fed set to rock your world tomorrow; Apollo may lose $3 billion over typo; Vatican doing something about money-laundering; "Giant Penis Christmas Lights Arouse Scorn"; and more.

Write-Offs: 8.6.15

Greek bailout deal by August; Hedge fund losses; "Man allegedly takes drunken drive onto active New Orleans runway"; and more.

Write-Offs: 12.05.12

$$$ Geithner: Ready to Go Over 'Cliff' If Taxes Don't Rise [CNBC] $$$ Republicans weigh swallowing tax hike on the wealthy [Reuters] $$$ SEC's Top Markets Official to Leave [WSJ] $$$ Wells Fargo Banker Sued by SEC in Probe of Insider Trading [Bloomberg] $$$ Paulson Says Real-Estate Fund Performing Well [WSJ] $$$ John McAfee Seeks Asylum, Thanks God for 'Sanity' [ABC] $$$ A Chicago-based proprietary trading firm is looking to hire a quantitative futures analyst/trader [DBCC] $$$ Facebook To Join QQQ’s Index Dec. 12 [IndexUniverse] $$$ Nasdaq attorney calls on SEC to review proxy rules [Reuters] $$$ Europe bond market set for holdout reform [FT] $$$ Will Citi's Massive Layoffs Be Enough? [CNBC] $$$ Man Shoots Girlfriend in the Back for Not Taking the Possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse Seriously [Gawker]