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Write-Offs: 12.21.11

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$$$Goldman Preps for New Age of Regulation [FBN]

$$$Collapse in M&A amid debt turbulence [FT]

$$$ Money market funds are risk averse [FT]

$$$ “On my economic forecast, I drew a picture of a dragon,” other charts [WaPo]

$$$On the menu, dishes like a mix of seafood in a white wine and marinara-saffron broth served with toasted ciabatta bread are aimed at "a group that knows food," says Mr. Caron. Overall preference for the dish is "relatively low." - Every sentence in this article about Olive Garden is amazing [WSJ]

$$$Pilot in Plane Crash That Killed Greenhill Bankers Reported Ice, NTSB Says [Bloomberg]

$$$Yahoo Discussing Plan to Cut Alibaba Stake to 15% [WSJ]

$$$ You now need to be richer to invest in private placements [SEC]

$$$The speaker would like to say, ‘Look, we shouldn’t have any negativity,’ but, look, if you can’t handle the heat in this little kitchen, the heat that’s going to come from Obama’s hell’s kitchen is going to be a heck of a lot hotter. -Mitt Romney can talk trash [Bloomberg]

$$$Whatever cost a lot of money, that’s what I had. I was always a punk rocker at heart, so what I love to do is take all my friends out and just buy ‘em drinks at the cool places. It was like, ‘On me, baby!’ Share the wealth a little bit. You ever been out and you’re at some nice restaurant, and there’s this table with these guys and they’re all loud? Who are these fucking guys? They’re just dicks. Those are brokers! - Remember that guy? Lee Munson is back [Reformed Broker]


Write-Offs: 08.08.12

$$$ Ex-UBS Traders Offered Deal by U.S. in Rate Probe [WSJ] $$$ The history of the invention of Libor [Reuters] $$$ British MPs accuse US of anti-City agenda [FT] $$$ Why investors should avoid hedge funds [Reuters / Felix Salmon] $$$ "Brazilian central bank employees staged their first work stoppage in five years today ... demanding an average pay increase of 23 percent to compensate for inflation since June 2008." [Bloomberg via Slate] $$$ Pole Vaulter Realizes It’s Not His Day As His Pole Shatters Mid-Vault [Deadspin] $$$ J.P. Morgan is looking for a Java developer to work on interest rates derivatives pricing [DBCC] $$$ Carbon Credits Gone Awry Raise Output of Harmful Gas [NYT] $$$ "I propose an expanded system of company registration under which companies would have to trade in private markets for a seasoning period, with mandatory disclosure, before they would be allowed to sell their shares to the public at large." [Harvard Law] $$$ On retail vs. institutional investors: "As for small investors vs. little guys, there’s a difference. If you have enough money that you’re investing it through brokers, I personally don’t count you as small, even if you appear small to Goldman Sachs." [Mathbabe] $$$ A Hundred Horses Are Ford’s Pride After Flipping Tainted Banks is really a Bloomberg headline [Bloomberg] $$$ Beck's next album will be released only as sheet music [McSweeney's]

Write-Offs: 11.19.15

Football player IPO pulled; Warren Buffett's grandson starts investment firm; Goldman sees limited '16 stock market gains; "Drunk Guy On Flight Just Wants To Drop Trou, Smoke Cigarettes"; and more.

Write-Offs: 3.16.15

Pinterest is worth eleven billion dollars; Uber needs a CFO; Economists want you to get a raise; Romney vs Holyfield (really); AND MORE.