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You Won't Be Questioning Anyone After Your Voicebox Is Removed

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Yesterday we all learned a valuable lesson about what happens when you address Steven A. Cohen as "Stevie" in the presence of his outside counsel, Martin Klotz, as evidenced by a recently unsealed deposition (you get one warning and then you end up in the trunk of a 1987 Cadillac Sedan De Ville, is what). Unfortunately, crucial dialogue between Klotz and Michael Bowe, the Fairfax Financial lawyer who was questioning Cohen, was cut off. And that part was just as important. You see, just because you can't call him Stevie, doesn't mean you can just call him anything you want, unless you're okay with getting Sonny Corleone'd the next time you drive through a toll plaza without EZ Pass.

After Bowe said he was sorry if "using the word Stevie" caused offense, Klotz continued.

Klotz: Why don't you use the word "Mr. Cohen"?

Bowe: Steven Cohen.

Klotz: Why don't you call him Mr. Cohen.

Bowe: I'll tell you what, Marty, I'll question this witness however I like.

Klotz: I just ask that you be professional.

Bowe: You know what's not professional is when you accuse someone of doing something intentionally when you have no idea whether they did or didn't. Okay? That's not professional.

The transcripts don't allude to any gestures Klotz made at this point, but it's clear Bowe got the picture because he immediately moves onto other questioning.

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