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Bonus Watch '12: Credit Suisse

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"People are furious."

"Bonuses were communicated at CS yesterday. Total bloodbath. My class (first year associate, industry coverage, not stub) range was 20k to 100k (really). Mid bucket was 60k to 70k. Easy 30 to 40 percent below the Street. People are furious. Lots are expected to leave. Bonus was barely half of RBC. VPs and directors 10 to 20 percent below the street but associates took the biggest hits. We were told to expect the opposite."


Bonus Watch '13: Credit Suisse

A few details from the House of Dougan's bonus communication day.

Bonus Watch '16: Credit Suisse CEOs

Like many a Credit Suisse employee, Thiam will see his bonus chopped (though in his case the slashing is voluntary).