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Bonus Watch '12: Goldman Sachs

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It could have been worse?

Front office down zero to 40%. No base reductions. I'm hearing FICC worse than Equities and IB.

Viniar-land (aka Finance) down zero to 30% Many junior people flat YoY on total comp.

I'm personally down 20% which was exactly the right level to piss me off but not enough to make me dive across the desk and beat my boss to death.


Bonus Watch '08: Goldman Sachs

Bonuses paid in '08 that were of the look-but-don't-touch variety were turned into real live ones that you can buy things with last year. Two billion dollars worth of live ones.

Bonus Watch '16: Goldman Sachs CEOs

If you're unhappy about your bonus this year, perhaps it'll make you feel less alone to know Lloyd Blankfein's dropped, too. (To $23 million.)