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David Einhorn: "I Have Quite A Lot To Say"

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...about all this. For starters:

- "This is as much like insider trading as soccer is like football"
- "The FSA has spent the last two years forcing square pegs into round holes"
- "This is like a traffic cop with a quota at the end of the month, with a miscalibrated radar gun"
- Greenlight has a recording of the call in question, which contains no evidence of insider trading

- Something about this being like televised poker
- "Greenlight has always been committed to the highest standards of professional conduct"
- GL choose to pay the fine rather than go through another year of politically-charged BS
- Thank you and good-night!


Don't Talk To David Einhorn About 2015

In fact, consider the numbers 2, 0, 1, and 5 banned from Greenlight Capital's offices.