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Davos Wife Suggests Placing Bets On Which Attendee Is Most Likely To Knock Up A Local Now

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As you may have heard, the World Economic Forum kicks off in Switzerland this week and fresh off of last year's report on the Bitches o' Davos (in descending order: The Wives, The Mistresses, The Aspiring Mistresses), Anya Schiffrin (wife of Joseph Stiglitz) is back with a few tips for her fellow second-class citizens.

1. "Moisturizer is crucial"
2. She's watching you ("You can carbon date Davos Wives by their shoes. Newcomers tend to wear attractively dainty heels. Veterans like me have given up. I don sturdy shoes and try not to slip on the ice.")
3. If find yourself bored or with time on your hands, she's not saying she's passed many an entertaining few hours watching George Soros slip a snow bunny the old Jorge in a steamed-up Gondola but she's not not saying it. ("A lot of untoward groping goes on after hours and that is discussed quietly rather than openly...There are always a lot of men who become “geographically single” when they arrive, and even the nerdiest expert in anti-malarial bed nets or obscure financial instruments fancies himself a player the moment he steps foot in the Zurich airport. Late at night, these men can be found eyeing the local talent, and there are rumors of at least one baby being born nine months after a night of passion at Davos.")

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