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Dick Fuld Is Just Going To Assume His Invite Was Lost In The Mail

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When we last checked in with Erin Callan, post-Lehman life was going pretty well for the retired CFO. It included living in East Hampton in the house she bought for $3.9 million in 2005, dating firefighter Anthony Montella, who she met in high school at St. Francis Prep, taking spin classes at Ride the Zone, where her instructor said she’s “the best student in the class” and just generally looking happy and “better than ever,” likely a result of 1) getting laid on the reg and 2) the fact that she’s been working on her ass, an effort that has apparently not gone unappreciated. While it's been forever since we heard from Dick Fuld's former gal-pal, she apparently had a pretty good excuse for not keeping in touch-- girlfriend was busy planning her wedding! The nuptials took place in November at 620 Loft and Garden at Rockefeller Center and included white calla lilies and Callan's dogs. Left off the guest list? Not a problem- Dealbook has "reviewed" photos posted online by the event's photographers and will make you feel like you were right there.

The bride was dressed in a flowing floor-length silver gown and was wearing an intricate vintage matching hair clip, a white fur bolero and silver strappy Jimmy Choo shoes (there were several photographs just of her shoes). Ms. Callan walked down the aisle clutching an elegant bouquet of white calla lilies. Mr. Montella was dressed in a black tuxedo with silk piping and a deep wine-colored boutonnière. Her two dogs, one of which is a terrier, were with her before the ceremony when she and her parents met in a hotel room overlooking Central Park to dress and have Ms. Callan’s makeup done. She and her parents, dressed in black, then traveled to the 620 Loft in a limousine...There were no recognizable Wall Street figures in the photos taken by Rentsch Photography. After the ceremony, guests went inside for dinner and dessert, which included miniature chocolate cupcakes gently perched on forks. After dinner, there was dancing, some of which was raucous and included break-dancing by the bride and groom. In one photo, Mr. Montella is crouched low to the floor, palms up, as Ms. Callan hovers above him against a backdrop of jubilant guests. The tables were decorated with candle lamps, dark table cloth, lilies similar to the ones Ms. Callan carried down the aisle and each place setting had a napkin embossed with the gold initials E&A.

Congratulations/best wishes/all that jazz. Meanwhile, if you're about yea high and answer to the name The Gorilla, please, no Cuisinarts as peace offerings. They're all stocked up, and you should save your pennies for the new shop.

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