It's About To Rain Purses Up In The Coleman Household

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In 2005, Coleman [this year's best performing hedge fund manager] married Stephanie Ercklentz, one of 10 scions featured in the 2003 documentary Born rich, made by Johnson & Johnson heir Jamie Johnson, who interviewed his friends for the film. Stephanie’s grandfather, Enno Ercklentz, was a German banker who became a chemical magnate after moving to the U.S. in 1926, according to his 1987 new york times obituary. In the film, Stephanie said she had never dated outside her plutocratic social circle. “I would, but he’d have to understand the fact that I love going shopping,” she says on camera. “Some guy might get mad at me for being stupid and spending all this money for, like, a Gucci purse.” [Bloomberg Markets Magazine, earlier]