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Little Giant Paying Huge Dividends For Morgan Stanley Employee

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Forget the bruising defensive linemen and the stellar quarterback play. Brooklyn’s Jennifer Pernice thinks her lucky garden gnome — clad in a blue Giants jersey — has been the key to the team’s stunning late-season run. “He’s looking over Eli’s shoulder. It just brings them good-luck vibes,” she said. “Since he came into my life, the Giants have been doing pretty good,” said Pernice, 30, who works at Morgan Stanley. The figurine, which is no taller than a football, was a Christmas gift from her sister Lauren. The Giants have been a flawless 4-0 since. Pernice can be seen every Sunday cradling the gnome she calls Ganomio at the Salty Dog Bar in Brooklyn, hoisting him up to the TV during crucial plays...“I take it very seriously. Nobody is allowed to touch him,” said Jennifer Pernice, who wears her white Hakeem Nicks jersey while her sister sports an Ahmad Bradshaw shirt each week. With the big game approaching, Jennifer Pernice says the New England Patriots might have to game-plan for the Giants’ quirkiest 12th man. “This little guy,” she said, “is giving Tom Brady the evil eye." [NYDN]


At Height Of Financial Crisis, One Morgan Stanley Employee Stood Up For Her Rights

Specifically, her rights to Perrier on the company dime. It's unclear what this woman's name is so moving forward she'll simply be referred to as The One With Brass Balls And A Dislike Of Tap. The daily Seamless stipend is considered sacred for employees, and any abuse of the system appears generally overlooked by higher-ups. When Lehman Brothers went under, for instance, Morgan Stanley lowered the Seamless limit from $30 to $25, much to the anger of workers. "People went nuts," recalls a former employee. "Every so often there were these fireside chats with [Morgan Stanley CEO] John Mack 'Da Knife' and a collection of analysts. One of the women on the call asked Mack to raise the limit to $30 again. Mack, not really having paid much attention to expenses, was surprised to hear it had been reduced. Concerned, he asked her why she needed $30 instead of just $25. She said that with the new reduction, 'I can't order my Perrier anymore.'" The next day, as legend has it, there was an entire case of Perrier on her desk--courtesy of John Mack. In related news, the Morgan Stanley Seamless stipend is currently at $20. And while filing formal complaints at the top might have worked when MS was a free-for-all orgy of sparkling water and Italian pastries and whatever else your heart desired,** anyone considering pleading his/her case to James Gorman re: why this just won't do should also think about boxing their shit up first, lest a hasty exit be necessary. How Wall Street Bankers Use Seamless To Feast On Free Lobster, Steak, And Beer [Fast Company] **Particularly if what your heart desired was a pair of fierce as fuck shoes.