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Warren Buffett May Have 99 Problems But His Fashion Sense Ain't One

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As you may have heard, last evening Warren Buffett was in New York, to celebrate the re-opening of the 40/40 club with his good friend, Jay-Z. A photo was taken of the brothers from another mother, in which Jay-Z excitedly examines Warren's tie, as Buffett slips his fingers into Z's shirt sleeve. While the reason for the latter move is unclear at this time (some have speculated that WB's hands may have been cold and so what? Is that weird or something?), we now have a bit more clarity re: Jay-Z's interest in the Oracle's threads.

"Jay-Z was looking at Warren's tie because he gave it to him," a person familiar with the situation tells us. "They were having lunch a few years ago in Omaha and Warren complimented Jay-Z on his tie and Jay-Z took it off and gave it to him. It's Tom Ford."