Write-Offs: 01.03.12

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$$$Fed to forecast rates for years ahead [FT]

$$$Pimco Total Return Saw $5B in ’11 Withdrawals [Bloomberg]

$$$ "The bailout agreement needs to be signed. Otherwise, we will be out of the markets, out of the euro. The situation will be much worse." [Spiegel]

$$$Unable to Raise Capital, Brokerage Firm Calls It Quits [DealBook]

$$$ Lawrence Delevingne: Paul Orwicz to rejoin SAC as Sursum shuts [AR]

$$$White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars [Wired]

$$$Bankers Feel Job Cuts Across Asia [WSJ]

$$$Firearms Sales Ring in 2012 With a Bang [CNBC]

$$$ The SEC should go back to doing what it's good at, i.e. much much less [Deal Journal]

$$$New ad for Michelle Bachmann airing in Iowa likens her travails to those of Tim Tebow [NYDN]

$$$ Unclear if the Queen has an alibi [Reuters]


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