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Write-Offs: 01.06.12

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$$$Paulson’s Advantage Plus Fund Drops 51% in ‘Aberrational Year’ [Bloomberg]

$$$ Corporations must be people since they fear the reaper [Slate]

$$$ "The fishing lures are purple to attract fisherman, not fish and 'actionable ideas' are designed to attract investors, not necessarily investment returns." [Interloper]

$$$ If you have been convicted of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt, now you'll have to admit it to the SEC. (Or deny it.) [NetNet]

$$$ Analyst who wouldn't wear a wire for the FBI maybe also threatened them a little [WSJ, earlier]

$$$Mortgage Refinancing Plan Would Harm Banks: Dick Bove [CNBC]

$$$ "Regions Financial Corp. is in advanced discussions to sell its Morgan Keegan & Co. brokerage unit to Raymond James Financial Inc. or Stifel Financial Corp." [WSJ]

$$$ Maybe you should have majored in art history [Bloomberg]

$$$ If you bail out an industry, that industry will have been bailed out, says guy who bailed out industry [FT]

$$$ MF Global tried to enter a clearing JV with BoNY Mellon with the non-alliterative but otherwise excellent codename "Project Honeydew" [Reuters]


Write-Offs: 03.13.12

$$$ Fed Is 'Playing a Game With Us:' Pimco's Gross [CNBC] $$$ Bundesbank steps up pressure on Draghi [FT] $$$ Broker departures accelerate at Merrill Lynch [Reuters] $$$ The head of credit trading at Credit Suisse has been fined £210,000 for disclosing confidential information about a forthcoming €2.5bn bond issue after inviting a UK fund manager to “play charades” and guess the identity of the issuer. Nicholas Kyprios encouraged a fund manager who had been invited by Credit Suisse to a roadshow in November 2009 for an unnamed company to guess the issuer, using phrases like “you’re getting warmer”, the Financial Services Authority said. [FT] $$$ How would you like to be a Fixed Income Business Management Analyst for BlackRock in New York? [DBCC] $$$ Goldman Hires a New P.R. Chief $$$ Euro Zone Split over Financial Transaction Tax [Der Spiegel] $$$ Fred Wilpon's lawyers have planned a whole range of distractions for their Madoff trial [WSJ, related] $$$ Robert Lacoursiere, the Paulson & Co. partner who oversaw the $23 billion hedge fund’s team of banking analysts, quit last week after four years to start his own fund, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. [Bloomberg] $$$ Manhattan madam's 'sidekick' turns herself in, released on $100K bail [NYP]