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Write-Offs: 01.11.12

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$$$Three Carlyle founders shared $413m last year [FT]

$$$Bernanke Doubles Down on Fed Bet Defied by Recession: Mortgages [Bloomberg]

$$$Deutsche to Choose Asset Management Sale [Bloomberg]

$$$Murder Falls Off List of Top Causes of Death [WSJ]

$$$ Marijuana smokers have improved lung function, which “may merely reflect marijuana smokers’ years of 'training' in taking deep inhalations and holding the smoke.” [NYT via Daily Intel]

$$$ Is the Anti-Tilson ETF is as smart as it looks? [ZH]

$$$ "There is this constant friction between the analysts who do all the work, and the 'officers' in higher positions who take all the credit. Having said this, it is a real kick to see your presentation in its final form, printed on very expensive paper and wire bound." [Guardian]

$$$ 22-year-old who thought cold calling was the best thing in the world cold-called James Gorman, no longer thinks cold calling is the best thing in the world [BI, earlier]

$$$Goldman Sachs Trading Co-Heads to Leave and maybe come write for Dealbreaker? Maybe? [Bloomberg]

$$$Red Kite Evangelicals Reap 47% Sowing Bet on China’s Waning Copper Market [Bloomberg]

$$$ "There are big and hugely important issues to be addressed in the global economy; the least we can do is take them seriously. And stop pretending that being harsh on a coterie of banksters would be both necessary and sufficient to solve all our problems." [Felix Salmon]

$$$ You can pay $9 a month for longer, more complicated versions of Wall Street Journal articles [Talking Biz News]

$$$ Todd Remis, who sued his wedding photographer to pay to recreate his wedding to his ex-wife who has returned to Latvia, tells his side of the story, which is about "their failure to deliver after a promise and a handshake" and something with mirrors [ via ATL, earlier]

$$$ "I chose these two random words, and Beyoncé had the same vision?" [CNBC]


Write-Offs: 07.18.12

$$$ Behind Credit Default Swaps Market, a Cartel Left Open to Collusion [Dealbook] $$$ Jim Chanos: Hewlett Packard Is 'Ultimate Value Trap' [CNBC] $$$ Ackman Takes Activist Stance on P&G [CNBC] $$$ Goldman CEO Blankfein Said To Meet With Obama Adviser Lew [Bloomberg] $$$ Racketeering Charges Filed in Hedge Fund Divorce [NYO] $$$ Banker Tattoos [BuzzFeed] $$$ ...every so often, Ackman and his wife whirl through their Rolodexes and invite their unattached friends to come on over to their place and spend a few hours meeting other singles. In this day and age of internet dating, the Ackmans like to give that stressful process a personal touch. And last night was one of those nights when the man who runs $10 billion Pershing Square Capital Management and his wife Karen, who trained as a landscape architect, threw open the doors and hoped for the best. While no officials statistics have been kept, people who have attended the events say plenty of people have found their mates here. At this week’s event? Roughly 200 people attended, according to someone who was there. [Reuters, earlier] $$$ "Dozens of traffic signs have been destroyed by prostitutes performing pole-dances in the street to attract clients, officials in New Zealand's biggest city have revealed." [Telegraph] $$$ Charlie Gasparino: U.S. Insider Trading Investigation Winding Down (Maybe) [FBN] $$$ Ex-JPMorgan Banker Admits Role in Muni Bid-Rigging Scheme [Reuters] $$$ Paulson, Rubin Warn on Dangers of 'Fiscal Cliff' [CNBC] $$$ WWII Shipwreck Yields $38 Million of Silver From Atlantic [Bloomberg] $$$ High school kid accused of running in a potential $3 million marijuana ring. [CP]

Write-Offs: 08.27.12

$$$ M&T To Buy Hudson City In Deal Valued At $3.7 Billion [Bloomberg] $$$ Best Buy Founder Gets Green Light to Pursue Buyout [WSJ] $$$ Don't all M&A processes leak and push up the target stock price? Anyway, Deltek's did [Term Sheet] $$$ Mike Evans heats up Goldman succession speculation by buying an apartment [DealBook] $$$ Americans Think the Rich Are Smarter, But Greedier [CNBC] $$$ Quincy Jones 'knew of alleged plot by Steve Wynn to kill founder of Girls Gone Wild and hide his body in the desert' say court documents [Daily Mail] $$$ Prudential is looking for an associate manager for derivative products [DBCC] $$$ In Dollar Thrifty Deal, Hertz Bets Big on Certainty of Closing [DealBook] $$$ Delaware court affirms $2 bln Southern Copper judgment [Reuters] $$$ Allowing mortgage cramdowns raised mortgage rates by 10-20bps for risky borrowers [Credit Slips] $$$ The Sharapova Effect: you try harder to succeed in sports if you're good-looking enough to get lots of endorsement deals [Freakonomics] $$$ “Remember when McDonald’s used to be called Mickey D’s?” asks Becky Johnson, a senior vice president at Applebee’s. “That was a street slang term, people playing with the name. We found out that ‘the bee’s’ is how the kids are describing Applebee’s.” By “kids,” she means twenty- and thirtysomething singles who may eat at Applebee’s with co-workers or family members, but who generally go elsewhere—like, to an actual bar—at night and on the weekends. “The bee’s is an overt invitation to them,” says Johnson. “We want them back.” [BBW]