Write-Offs: 01.11.12


$$$Three Carlyle founders shared $413m last year [FT]

$$$Bernanke Doubles Down on Fed Bet Defied by Recession: Mortgages [Bloomberg]

$$$Deutsche to Choose Asset Management Sale [Bloomberg]

$$$Murder Falls Off List of Top Causes of Death [WSJ]

$$$ Marijuana smokers have improved lung function, which “may merely reflect marijuana smokers’ years of 'training' in taking deep inhalations and holding the smoke.” [NYT via Daily Intel]

$$$ Is the Anti-Tilson ETF is as smart as it looks? [ZH]

$$$ "There is this constant friction between the analysts who do all the work, and the 'officers' in higher positions who take all the credit. Having said this, it is a real kick to see your presentation in its final form, printed on very expensive paper and wire bound." [Guardian]

$$$ 22-year-old who thought cold calling was the best thing in the world cold-called James Gorman, no longer thinks cold calling is the best thing in the world [BI, earlier]

$$$Goldman Sachs Trading Co-Heads to Leave and maybe come write for Dealbreaker? Maybe? [Bloomberg]

$$$Red Kite Evangelicals Reap 47% Sowing Bet on China’s Waning Copper Market [Bloomberg]

$$$ "There are big and hugely important issues to be addressed in the global economy; the least we can do is take them seriously. And stop pretending that being harsh on a coterie of banksters would be both necessary and sufficient to solve all our problems." [Felix Salmon]

$$$ You can pay $9 a month for longer, more complicated versions of Wall Street Journal articles [Talking Biz News]

$$$ Todd Remis, who sued his wedding photographer to pay to recreate his wedding to his ex-wife who has returned to Latvia, tells his side of the story, which is about "their failure to deliver after a promise and a handshake" and something with mirrors [ToddRemis.com via ATL, earlier]

$$$ "I chose these two random words, and Beyoncé had the same vision?" [CNBC]


Write-Offs: 10.18.12

$$$ Google Shares Fall on Premature Earnings [WSJ] $$$ Google and the send button ... [footnoted] $$$ "To be fair, we released our earnings yesterday afternoon on Google Plus." [@PendingLarry via Deal Journal] $$$ Smallest Stock Traders Hardest Hit as Commissions Decline [Bloomberg] $$$ Blackstone Swings to Profit of $622 Million in 3rd Quarter [DealBook] $$$ "Americans who say they work 75 hours a week tend to be exaggerating by 25 hours." [Qz] $$$ BlackRock is looking for a Sales Training Program Manager for their iShares division in San Francisco [DBCC] $$$ Sprint Nextel assumes majority stake in Clearwire [Reuters] $$$ In Insider Trading Case, Drawing In David Ganek [DealBook] $$$ Ex-GE Bankers Jailed in Rigged Muni Bond Case [CNBC] $$$ William Cohan on Greg Smith: "He conned Grand Central Publishing, which paid him a reported $1.5 million for his 'tell-all' book about how the culture at Goldman Sachs had deteriorated during his 12-year tenure into something he no longer recognized, when really Goldman has always been a stinging scorpion. (Disclosure: my wife is the editor-in-chief of Grand Central Publishing, although she had nothing to do with editing Smith's book, and neither of us has read it.)" [Bloomberg] $$$ Republicans Pulling Money Out of Soup Kitchen Where Paul Ryan Pretended to Wash Dishes [DI]