Write-Offs: 01.18.12


$$$Investors Are Facing Up to Reality of Greek Debt Default [CNBC]

$$$U.S., Banks Near 'Robo-Signing' Settlement [WSJ]

$$$BNY Mellon Settles Part of Foreign-Exchange Trade Suit With U.S. [Bloomberg]

$$$ Art history majors are 2.5x more likely than computer science majors be in the top 1% of Americans by income [NYT]

$$$“We call these bonds hybrid counterfeit instruments because there’s no such thing as a $500 million Treasury bond,” explains Gombar, who has chased global funny-money rings from the Secret Service’s Rome outpost since 1998. “It’s like counterfeiting a $3 bill, something that doesn’t exist.” [Bloomberg]

$$$Mark Wahlberg apologized for saying, about 9/11, ""If I was on that plane with my kids, it wouldn’t have went down like it did. There would have been a lot of blood in that first-class cabin and then me saying, 'OK, we’re going to land somewhere safely, don’t worry.'" [NYP]

$$$ Hilarious contrarian rating agency Egan Jones downgraded Germany [CNBC]

$$$ Would you like to read a French philosopher blathering about rating agencies? Now you can. [HuffPo]

$$$U.S. charges man with stealing software from NY Fed [Reuters]

$$$U.S. Regulators to Defend Volcker Rule Ban on Proprietary Trades [Bloomberg]

$$$Right at the top of his campaign’s home page, Mr. Romney proclaims, “We have a moral responsibility not to spend more than we take in.” The United States’ debt is such a problem, it’s like an addiction: “The first step toward recovery is admitting we have a problem and refusing to allow any more irresponsible borrowing,” his site says. It’s almost as if Mr. Romney never worked in — what’s that other phrase for private equity? — oh yes, a leveraged buyout firm. [DealBook]

$$$Captain of Stricken Vessel Says He Fell Overboard in Passenger Panic [NYT]


Write-Offs: 02.26.13

$$$ U.S. Banks Had Second-Best Earnings Ever in 2012, FDIC Says [Bloomberg] $$$ Dimon Says Lenders to Have More Capital Than They Can Use [Bloomberg] $$$ Banks Fear Court Ruling in Argentina Bond Debt [DealBook] $$$ “'We are seeing some elements of precrisis behavior,' Mr. Marks said on Tuesday at the SuperReturn International 2013 conference. 'We are seeing people engaging in bullish behavior.'” [DealBook] $$$ AB InBev Overstates Alcohol in Budweiser, Lawsuit Claims [Bloomberg] $$$ Nassim Taleb book party tonight! [Book Culture] $$$ Best Buy takeover attempt by founder in jeopardy [Reuters] $$$ At Barnes & Noble, Interests of Top Executives Diverge [WSJ] $$$ It’s time to abolish the FHFA [Reuters / Felix Salmon] $$$ New Stream Capital Executives Accused of Fraud [WSJ] $$$ Former CFO Sues T. Boone Pickens' Son [CNS]