Write-Offs: 01.20.12


$$$Jamie Dimon Pulls Down $17 Million on Payday for Big Bank Chiefs [Deal Journal]

$$$David Slaine, Who Led to Rajaratnam, Gets 3 Years’ Probation [Bloomberg]

$$$ The Damien Hirst spot challenge has been completed [Gallerist, earlier]

$$$Judge Moves Occupy Protest [WSJ]

$$$ The Fed laugh graph [Daily Stag Hunt via Felix Salmon]

$$$“Mr. Colbert could not get on the ballot. I could not get off the ballot. That’s how this came about," Cain said Friday. "And Mr. Colbert mentioned that there was one thing that I had that he did not have, which is a bus with my face on it." [MSNBC]

$$$Goldman Sachs Credit Chief Mullen Leaving After 11 Years [Bloomberg]

$$$ Tech banker wears fleece vest [DealBook]

$$$Bank investors better get used to low returns [Fortune]

$$$ Avoid market-cap-weighted indexing, this pun [WSJ]

$$$Undercover police will dress as Giants fans at game [NYP]

$$$Binge Drinking—Especially by Wealthy—Is Surging in US [CNBC]