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Write-Offs: 01.20.12

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$$$Jamie Dimon Pulls Down $17 Million on Payday for Big Bank Chiefs [Deal Journal]

$$$David Slaine, Who Led to Rajaratnam, Gets 3 Years’ Probation [Bloomberg]

$$$ The Damien Hirst spot challenge has been completed [Gallerist, earlier]

$$$Judge Moves Occupy Protest [WSJ]

$$$ The Fed laugh graph [Daily Stag Hunt via Felix Salmon]

$$$“Mr. Colbert could not get on the ballot. I could not get off the ballot. That’s how this came about," Cain said Friday. "And Mr. Colbert mentioned that there was one thing that I had that he did not have, which is a bus with my face on it." [MSNBC]

$$$Goldman Sachs Credit Chief Mullen Leaving After 11 Years [Bloomberg]

$$$ Tech banker wears fleece vest [DealBook]

$$$Bank investors better get used to low returns [Fortune]

$$$ Avoid market-cap-weighted indexing, this pun [WSJ]

$$$Undercover police will dress as Giants fans at game [NYP]

$$$Binge Drinking—Especially by Wealthy—Is Surging in US [CNBC]


Write-Offs: 11.05.12

$$$ Wall Street Turns to Hurricane Relief [DealBook] $$$ UBS Appoints New Investment Bank Team [WSJ] $$$ Paul Taubman retired, leaving Colm Kelleher as sole head of Morgan Stanley's investment bank [Reuters] $$$ "Death rates spike when more than half of the moon is visible in the night sky, according to research by longevity analysts." [FT] $$$ Teacher Promises to Put On French Maid Outfit If Students Get Their Grades Up [Gawker] $$$ BlackRock is looking for a performance analyst in Seattle [DBCC] $$$ "Debt-crippled euro zone countries could see the yields on their sovereign bonds fall dramatically if they used their gold reserves as collateral for that debt issuance, according to Sylvester Eijffinger, professor of financial economics at Tilburg University." [CNBC] $$$ Stifel Financial to Buy KBW for $575 Million [DealBook] $$$ Mitt Romney steals Stephen Colbert's slogan [DI] $$$ Pony Up: First Ever Brony Commercial Airs Tonight During Primetime [NYO]

Write-Offs: 2.18.15

Perella fires four; Greece needs more time; 300k dinner; "Dan Loeb’s Plot to Pry Open Japan’s Secretive Robot Maker"; "Dead Man Dressed In Green Lantern Costume At Wake"; and more.

Write-Offs: 10.23.15

Uber to raise $1 billion; Draghi and Yellen have work to do; "Teen Could Face Charges For Tossing Veggie"; and more.