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Bonus Watch '12: Lazard Just Wants To Get It Over With

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...compensation costs remained stubbornly high, due in part to management's decision to pay employees most of their bonuses immediately, rather than deferring big portions of pay to future years as some rivals have done. "We are very comfortable with our approach on deferrals at the firm and we didn't need to increase it," Chief Executive Kenneth Jacobs said in an interview. "There's just no free lunch there." [Reuters]


Bonus Watch '12: RBC

Junior mistmakers at the Royal Bank of Canada received their numbers last week. 1st Year (Top Tier): ~$52,000 2nd Year (Top Tier): $65,000 3rd Year (Top Tier): $85,000

Bonus Watch '12: JPMorgan

Li'l Dimons started receiving numbers today. First year analysts (base 70k): Bottom tier: 40k Middle tier: 50k Top tier: 55k Second years (base 80k): Middle tier: 65k Top tier: 70k

Bonus Watch '12: UBS

Numbers for first and second year analysts (who are not happy). "It's been two weeks since UBS numbers came out and nobody wants to talk about it, for obvious reasons. Second years (base: 80k) ranging 45-65k and heard of some first years getting around 40k (base: 70k). And they could only achieve these numbers ("in line with the street") after firing 30+ analysts right before communication day."

Bonus Watch '12: Moelis

First year numbers. "Range is between $40-65k. Base is $70k."