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Charlie Gasparino: Steve Cohen Broke Bread With Chris Christie At Quality Meats Last Night

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Naturally, Fox Business's Senior Steakhouse Correspondent is on it:

"Chris Christie was having dinner with Steve Cohen of SAC Capital at Quality Meats in New York last night. I received a tip; I went up there and talked to the waiters and other people. I heard they had steaks and wine. From what I understand, they were talking politics. Steve Cohen, like most hedge fund managers back in 2008, was a major Democratic campaign contributor...Clearly Christie is a huge supporter of Romney. It doesn’t hurt Cohen to be seen with a figure like Christie with a huge political reputation. I ran this by people at SAC Capital, they have no comment. Christie’s office has no media comment."



Steve Cohen's Love For Chris Christie Knows No Ironic, Hypocritical Bounds

Brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta hug (/momentarily put their vast Wall Street ties aside to attack their brother from another mother's rival for having...Wall Street ties).

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The hedge fund manager is throwing a li'l party for Chris Christie.

Steve Cohen Did Pretty Well For Himself Last Year

The end of 2012 might've been a tough one for the SAC Capital founder, what with the matter of a former employee being accused of orchestrating “the most lucrative insider trading scheme ever," being referenced in the complaint as Portfolio Manager A, and ultimately being forced to show the softer side of Steve but the Big Guy still managed to take home $1.3 billion, so he's got that going for him.