Fast Money Types Can Sit On Rich's Mustache And Spin


While a small group of protesters marched outside Apple’s shareholders meeting this morning over labor practices in China, investors inside were mostly saying thank you. And with good reason. Take Rich Bleyle, a retired teacher attending the annual meeting from Buffalo, New York. He and his wife Mary spent $16,000 on Apple shares in 1997, about the same time late co-founder Steve Jobs returned to the company. Today, the couple has about $2 million worth of Apple shares. Bleyle, wearing a handlebar mustache and wearing a blue t-shirt that said “Macho Man,” said the couple sold only 200 shares since that initial investment and still owns another 3,800...Mark Barchas, who has owned shares for about 14 years, owns an iPhone, iPad, iMac and Apple TV. He’s such a fan that he can’t bring himself to sell the shares, even as they hit record highs. “One time he sold and couldn’t sleep until he bought it back,” said his wife, Kay. [Tech Blog]