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How Much Do You Bench? Your Job Might Depend On It

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Several weeks back, Barclays CEO Bob Diamond said in an interview that his firm received "applications from 107,000 kids at university, of which we had positions for 1,500." Diamond threw out the numbers to show that, despite profits not being what they used to, people still want to work on Wall Street. And, more to the point, that those currently employed in the financial services industry who've threatenedto quit in the last month over bonuses that did not meet their expectations can and will be easily replaced. But perhaps the line didn't work on you? Perhaps you shrugged off the "threat" of a bunch of faceless 21 year-olds with zero skills taking your job? While you may have been right to not quake in your boots over the vast majority of Diamond's li'l worker bees, you might want to worry a little bit about one aspiring young junior mistmaker in particular.


He recently applied for a first-year analyst gig at several bulge-brackets but it's clear he could easily come in at MD and/or take on multiple positions at once. Nervous it could be yours? Might want to start whaling on your pecs and lats, then.