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Jon Corzine's Weekend Just Got A Bump

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The last several months have not been the best of times for Jon Stephen Corzine. His fund went down for the dirt nap. He was forced to shelve his dreams of becoming a count. He made the tearful decision to put his Hoboken hideaway on the market, probably to free up some cash should it become necessary to pay legal fees. And while some pissant MF Global clients have in fact served him with papers, today brings the joyous news that any sleepless nights spent worrying over doing time were all for naught.

“Sources tell the FOX Business Network the criminal case right now looks highly unlikely. The investigators are having a very difficult time proving criminal intent in the disclosure of the details leading up to the implosion of MF Global. They see a lot of sloppy bookwork. Sources say Jon Corzine’s firm wasn’t managed very well, but in terms of proving they intentionally misused that money, they are having a very tough time. They doubt a criminal case will result from this."

The comeback continues, now ahead of schedule. Congratulatory flowers and candy can be sent here.


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