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MF Global Chief Risk Officer To Recount The Time Corzine Brusquely Told Him His Risk Models Didn't Work In "The Real World"

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The chief risk officer who was brought in to install risk management systems at MF Global after a rogue trading incident in February 2008 is expected to tell Congress Thursday he outlined his concerns about European sovereign debt trades in the fall of 2010...At the hearing, Michael Roseman is expected to say he "expressed my growing concerns with regard to the potential capital risk associated with the growing positions and began to express caution on the growing liquidity risk," according to a copy of the testimony reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. In mid-September, Roseman told MF Global's chief executive, Jon Corzine, that he would consult the firm's board of directors on requests to increase limits on the European trades. According to his written testimony, Roseman is expected to say that by late October of 2010, the positions were approaching $3.5 billion to $4 billion. After discussing his concerns with Corzine and others, the risk scenarios he presented "were challenged as being implausible." Roseman's testimony doesn't specify who aside from Corzine and the board he told of his concerns. [FINS]