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Someone Is Running Around Newport Beach Pulling Bill Gross's Signature Move

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As many of you know, PIMCO chief Bill Gross is fond of weaving life stories throughout his monthly investor letters. One of his favorites, and a "Gross family legend," was featured in a March 2011 correspondence entitled "Two Bits Four Bits Six Bits A Dollar." It is the tale of the time he gave a waitress "negative tip," noting on a napkin: “Thanks for the shitty owe me 25 cents.” So, clearly, acting like a cheap prick to waitresses is kind Gross's thing, as indicated by the fact that he proudly wrote about it in a note disseminated to thousands. Which is why it distresses us to report that someone has not only been flagrantly stealing BG's move but doing so in on his own turf. Examine the evidence with us.

Earlier today, Eater shared the following photo, snapped by a diner whose boss left a waitress at True Food Kitchen a rather Gross-esque tip:

Not only does this guy leave shitty gratuity and add his little bit of constructive criticism, just as Bill is wont to do but he does so at a restaurant that 1) is located 0.8 miles from PIMCO's Newport Beach headquarters and 2) is a place PIMCO employees "regularly" dine, according to a representative of the eatery we spoke with this afternoon. To say nothing of the fact that he signs the bill in such a matter that the first letter could be easily interpreted as a 'B.'

So the balls on this one are big and the only question left at this time is did he fuck Gross's wife while he was at it, too? Because it seems obvious he might've.

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