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Warren Buffett Is A Huge Fan Of The Buffett Rule

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The Oracle of Omaha has given the eponymous piece of legislation two thumbs up.

Warren Buffet said in a letter Wednesday that he was “delighted” to support legislation to implement the “Buffett Rule,” which would ensure that those making over $1 million annually pay at least a 30 percent effective tax rate. “I’m delighted to be identified as a supporter of S. 2059,” Buffett wrote in a letter to Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), who introduced legislation to implement the rule. “I have no problem endorsing any large step in the direction of greater fairness in the Tax Code. … Thanks for what you are doing for our country,” Buffett added, according to the senator’s office.

In related news, Chris Christie, who yesterday told Buffett to go to sleep or the NJ governor would put him to sleep, said today that he's worried that Obama is just "using" Buffett to "make a point" about taxes. Obviously that will come as a distressing surprise to WB, who was surely laboring under the impression that none of this had anything to do with anyone's agenda and that he and the President were just bros doing bro things.

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