Write-Offs: 02.07.12

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$$$Greece misses bail-out deadline [FT]

$$$Europe Bank Eases Way to Greek Deal [WSJ]

$$$ Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock, and three other board members, resigned [AllThingsD]

$$$Glencore and Xstrata face blocking threat [FT]

$$$Morgan Stanley,Goldman Clarify Clawback Policies [WSJ]

$$$Prosecutors Broaden Charges in Insider Case [WSJ]

$$$ "A New York man who was chased away by a naked resident from the Greenwich home he burglarized was sentenced Monday in state Superior Court." [Greenwich Time]

$$$ If your firm reads your emails and frowns upon swear words may we suggest "snozzcumber"? [Lists of Note]

$$$Gupta Faces More Tipping Allegations as Trial Is Delayed [WSJ]

$$$Prosecutor in Insider Crackdown Is Leaving U.S. Attorney’s Office [DealBook]

$$$Rajaratnam Judge Announces Departure From Bench in Press Release [Bloomberg]

$$$ Greg Lippman's LibreMax Capital has raised nearly $1.1bn [AR]

$$$Prosecutors are asking for the maximum sentence -- a year in jail -- for the one-legged Manhattan millionaire convicted of pummeling a beautiful "naked masseuse" in an oddball misdemeanor assault-by-Rolex case. Thomas Hartmann was supposed to be sentenced today on last month's jury conviction for striking Russian-born stripper Sophia Kandelaki with his gold-Rolex-clad wrist during a fight outside an Upper East Side restaurant in April. [NYP]

$$$This is a thing that happened [@grandparentscom]


Write-Offs: 4.28.15

Twitter earnings; Greece, Standard Chartered seen better days; Convicted insider trader sentenced to jail sentenced to more jail; "Naked Idiot On The Field Absolutely Flattened By Rugby Player"; and more.

Write-Offs: 03.01.12

$$$ Eurozone delays Athens rescue funds [FT] $$$ Loans to Banks Cool Debt Crisis [WSJ] $$$ European Leaders Challenged by Rise in Joblessness [NYT] $$$ An explanation of that Barclays tax trade, with cartoons [FTAV] $$$ Sofa King can no longer advertise prices that are "Sofa King low" in the UK [Language Log] $$$ Mitt Romney has worn a garbage bag for rain gear $$$ Fed's Dilemma: Markets Want Both Growth—And Stimulus [CNBC] $$$ Facebook seeking bigger credit line [Reuters] $$$ Unlike other types of complex financial transactions, insider trading prosecutions usually do not require jurors to develop sophisticated knowledge of the financial markets or securities valuation. There is not a statutory definition establishing its parameters, so it can be applied to a wide variety of transactions, and the crime does not have complicated requirements for proving a violation. Prosecutors are cracking down on insider trading because there's no law telling people what's illegal and unsophisticated jurors will convict [DealBook] $$$ Oprah's Book Club makes people read less [MR] $$$ The personal assistant of Paris Hilton's sister's hedge funder ex-husband Todd Meister was maybe dating him while she was stealing $1mm from him, or something like that [NYP]

Write-Offs: 7.28.15

Merrill broker banned; Twitter earnings; Clinton on Wall Street; "Barbecue Smoke Sparks Feud Between Florida Neighbors"; and more.

Write-Offs: 5.6.15

Gross takes a hit; Point72 hires ex-prosecutor; How the top 10 hedge fund managers spend their money (on politics); "Decathlete uses javelin to pull daughter's tooth"; and more.

Write-Offs: 04.12.13

$$$ Gold Sinks Into Bear Territory [WSJ] $$$ JPMorgan Switches Risk Model Again After Whale Loss [Bloomberg] $$$ US Senate scales back insider law [FT] $$$ Spain Eases Rules in Move Seen Helping Convicted CEO [WSJ] $$$ Ex-Credit Suisse trader pleads guilty in MBS case [Reuters] $$$ Mayo Tells Wells Fargo Execs Results ‘Stunk’ [Deal Journal] $$$ When options trading ahead of deals raises eyebrows [Reuters] $$$ Notes from the DoubleLine Lunch with Jeffrey Gundlach, Spring 2013 [Reformed Broker] $$$ Doubts over new CDS futures [IFR] $$$ High-Speed Trader Said to be Considered for SEC Post [Bloomberg] $$$ Billionaire Koch Wins $12 Million Verdict in Wine Trial [Bloomberg] $$$ Sarasota Man Steals Ten Cans Of Axe Deodorant From Publix Store, Assaults Security Guard, Broken Bicycle Chain Foils Getaway [Global Dispatch]