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Write-Offs: 02.13.12

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$$$Moody's Cuts Six Euro-Zone Nations; U.K. Outlook Lowered [WSJ]

$$$Obama seeks to cut municipal bond tax breaks [Reuters]

$$$Obama seeks big dividend tax hike for wealthy [Reuters]

$$$Private Equity Tax Break ‘Indefensible,’ Calpers’ Dear Says [Bloomberg]

$$$ The budget won't pass so the muni tax rates, dividend tax hike and carried-interest reform don't matter [Economist]

$$$ Invest with Bomillion-HIG or they'll blow up your pterodactyls [HIG Bank, video, amazing]

$$$ FYI: Pimco pays well [Reuters / Felix Salmon]

$$$ "Phil Angelides, the former chairman of a federal commission set up to look into the causes of the financial crisis, has stepped down from a group seeking to turn a profit by investing in distressed mortgages." [Reuters/Matthew Goldstein]

$$$EU tries to finalise €130bn Greek bail-out [FT]

$$$France to push on with trading tax [FT]

$$$ “Often, the United States is not perceived as being enthusiastic about soccer. At the same time, investors in the U. S. markets often have an international background, which might explain the rather strong effects.” But what explains the love for curling? [Real Time Economics]

$$$ Henry Blodget accuses someone of trolling for clicks with headline "Why Teachers Have Sex With Their Students" - with headline "Why Teachers Have Sex With Their Students" [BI]


Write-Offs: 12.05.12

$$$ Geithner: Ready to Go Over 'Cliff' If Taxes Don't Rise [CNBC] $$$ Republicans weigh swallowing tax hike on the wealthy [Reuters] $$$ SEC's Top Markets Official to Leave [WSJ] $$$ Wells Fargo Banker Sued by SEC in Probe of Insider Trading [Bloomberg] $$$ Paulson Says Real-Estate Fund Performing Well [WSJ] $$$ John McAfee Seeks Asylum, Thanks God for 'Sanity' [ABC] $$$ A Chicago-based proprietary trading firm is looking to hire a quantitative futures analyst/trader [DBCC] $$$ Facebook To Join QQQ’s Index Dec. 12 [IndexUniverse] $$$ Nasdaq attorney calls on SEC to review proxy rules [Reuters] $$$ Europe bond market set for holdout reform [FT] $$$ Will Citi's Massive Layoffs Be Enough? [CNBC] $$$ Man Shoots Girlfriend in the Back for Not Taking the Possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse Seriously [Gawker]

Write-Offs: 11.05.12

$$$ Wall Street Turns to Hurricane Relief [DealBook] $$$ UBS Appoints New Investment Bank Team [WSJ] $$$ Paul Taubman retired, leaving Colm Kelleher as sole head of Morgan Stanley's investment bank [Reuters] $$$ "Death rates spike when more than half of the moon is visible in the night sky, according to research by longevity analysts." [FT] $$$ Teacher Promises to Put On French Maid Outfit If Students Get Their Grades Up [Gawker] $$$ BlackRock is looking for a performance analyst in Seattle [DBCC] $$$ "Debt-crippled euro zone countries could see the yields on their sovereign bonds fall dramatically if they used their gold reserves as collateral for that debt issuance, according to Sylvester Eijffinger, professor of financial economics at Tilburg University." [CNBC] $$$ Stifel Financial to Buy KBW for $575 Million [DealBook] $$$ Mitt Romney steals Stephen Colbert's slogan [DI] $$$ Pony Up: First Ever Brony Commercial Airs Tonight During Primetime [NYO]