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Photo Of George Soros In His Workout Gear Raises More Questions That It Answers

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[New York Times]

1. What does he bench?
2. Would it have killed the photographer to get a shot of him wailing on his pecs?
3. Does that polo wick sweat?
4. How does he find the motivation on the days working out is the last thing he wants to do?
5. Will there be a follow-up story and series of photos featuring him going head to head with James D. Robinson III (far left), the former chairman of American Express who "can leg-press 900 pounds, leaving fellow gym members in awe." (“I wanted to do 1,000, but they wouldn’t let me,” Robinson told the Times.)
6. Did he break it off with the 25 year-old after getting back to his fighting weight and figuring he could do better?
7. Why is Robinson the only one who gets to wear Zubaz and is it because he's the current leg-press record holder?
8. What do Soros and Jack Welch, also a member, yell to push each other to do those last few reps?
9. How many pretty young things looking for someone to finance their dream apartment are going to join this gym in hopes of striking up a convo with George on the elliptical and hitting it off? (9b. Was that his motivation in taking part in this story?)
10. Who told fellow Sitaras Fitness member Paul Volcker (who Soros referred to the club) he could miss the photo call?
11. Will he spill who this person is ("Mr. Sitaras recalls one member, whom he did not want to name, who used to snap his fingers, insisting that the background music be changed to classical when he arrived and demanding access to certain equipment immediately, even if someone else was using it. Members were shocked when Mr. Sitaras revoked his membership") and did he get the guy kicked out after watching him fail to wipe down his machine for the last time?

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