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The Second-Highest Paid Hedge Fund Manager Of The Year Smoked The Competition From Retirement

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In 2010, the 10 best paid hedge fund managers made a combined $17.53 billion. To score a place on the list, you had to earn at least $440 million. 2011? The group took home a collective pool of $10.15 billion (down 42 percent) and a mere $210 million got you access to the VIP lounge. So, lots to reflect on today re: how game can be upped this year, whether it's by coming into work and acting like you actually want it, increasing fees to 5&75, or passing the on the burden of staff salaries to investors. Something else to think about? The fact that Uncle Jim Simons beat all you fools for a second place finish and technically doesn't even have a job. (Bridgewater Mentor Ray Dalio also did okay for himself.)

In other news, Top 10, as compiled by Forbes has some new faces in the audience, including Chase Coleman, John Arnold, David Shaw, Alan Howard, and Ken Griffin. David Tepper, Eddie Lampert, George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones, and John Paulson will be missed.

10. Bruce Kovner (Caxton Associates), $210 million
9. John Arnold (Centaurus Advisors), $360 million
7. Alan Howard (Brevan Howard), $400 million
7. Ken Griffin (Citadel), $400 million
6. Chase Coleman (Tiger Global), $500 million
5. David Shaw (DE Shaw), $580 million
4. Steve Cohen (SAC Capital), $600 million
3. Carl Icahn (Icahn Capital Management), $2 billion
2. James Simons (RenTec), $2.1 billion
1. Ray Dalio (Bridgewater), $3 billion

The Top 40 Highest Earning Hedge Fund Managers [Forbes]


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