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Write-Offs: 03.05.12

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$$$Creditor group to take part in Greek swap [FT]

$$$Judge to Divided Allen Stanford Jury: Keep Deliberating [WSJ]

$$$Mets Owners Must Return $83 Million in Madoff Profits [WSJ]

$$$ FX trader runs up 200k bar tab at a club in Liverpool, raising questions like (1) Is trader's £200k bar splurge the most expensive ever? and (2) who goes clubbing, or trades FX, in Liverpool? [The Sun]

$$$ PIMCO is looking for a Marketing Writer - could that be you? [DBCC]

$$$ Send in the Luftwaffe to correct intra-Europe current account imbalances [FT]

$$$Lawmakers urge crackdown on oil speculators [Reuters]

$$$ "If you put aside the low yields, you still have attractive valuations." [WSJ]

$$$AAA Shortage Drives Foreign Buyers to T-Bonds [Bloomberg]

$$$A Tyrone man who allegedly drove up on police without headlights is facing drunken driving charges. Gerald C. Decker allegedly said, "Thanks, buddy" and tried to "high five" a Tyrone officer who was on foot and flagged Decker down to tell him he was driving without headlights, court records show. "That's not how it works," Officer Adam Bonsell told Decker before having him step out of the vehicle. [Altoona Mirror]


Write-Offs: 02.22.12

$$$ Schapiro Questions Role of High-Frequency Traders [WSJ] $$$ Morgan Stanley veterans plan advisory boutique Dean Bradley Osborne or DBO Partners [FT] $$$ Charlie Gasparino: Preet Bharara plans to profit from taking credit for insider trading prosecutions [FBN] $$$ New York Federal Reserve Said to Plan Sale of AIG-Linked Mortgage Bonds [Bloomberg] $$$ UWS lawyer's wife paid $42,388 so husband could meet Knicks' Lin, take home jersey [NYP] $$$ A leading private equity firm is looking for an Energy associate [eFinancial Careers]

Write-Offs: 02.15.13

$$$ S.E.C. Acts on Suspicious Heinz Trading [DealBook] $$$ Facebook says target of sophisticated hacking attack [Reuters] $$$ Gleacher Won't Explore Merger for Now [WSJ] $$$ Berlusconi defends need for bribery [FT] $$$ "My grandkids always beat me at Rock Band. And I say, Listen, you may beat me at Rock Band, but I made the original records, so shut up." - Paul McCartney [Arts Beat] $$$ A multi-strategy hedge fund is looking for an FX quant/strategist in NY, Chicago or London [DBCC] $$$ Warren Buffett might buy some other companies, or he might not [Bloomberg] $$$ Warren Buffett’s Kind of Deal [DealBook] $$$ Dealpolitik: Heinz Deal Introduces a New Twist on Reverse Breakup Fees [Deal Journal] $$$ Could Dodd-Frank be unconstitutional? No? [Wonkblog] $$$ San Diego shocked by ex-mayor’s BILLION-dollar gambling losses [AP]

Write-Offs: 5.7.15

Yelp explores sale; Blackstone raises $17 billion fund in 7 months; FitBit going public; "Giggles the pig running for mayor of Flint, Michigan"; and more.