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Write-Offs: 03.28.12

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$$$'I Don't Know' Dominates MF Hearing [WSJ]

$$$Facebook halts secondary market trading, plans for May IPO [Reuters]

$$$ European banks are loading up on their governments' debts [DealBook]

$$$Banks in Best Shape in Three Decades: Dick Bove. FYI [CNBC]

$$$ Survey finds that 33 is the happiest age of people's lives [NYDN]

$$$ A multi-billion dollar hedge fund is looking for a market risk manager for its equities desk - could it be you? [DBCC]

$$$Argentine Funds Can’t Be Seized by Bond Holders, Judge Says [Bloomberg]

$$$ ISDA mechanics worked perfectly for Greek CDS but they'll change those mechanics just in case [ISDA]

$$$ Nassim Taleb wants to execute CEOs of failed banks or something [Farnam Street]

$$$ American Apparel signed another three-year contract with porny CEO Dov Charney [Fashionista]

$$$Takeover Battle Looms for Publicly Traded Porn Company; the two competing bidders are Longkloof Limited and Manwin Holdings [CNBC]

$$$ Mitt Romney thinks firing people is hilarious [DI]


Write-Offs: 5.13.15

Flash crasher to appeal terms of bail; Former Deutsche Bank trader Greg Lippmann gets the Ryan Gosling treatment; Standard General pays $26.2 million for RadioShack name; Florida woman robs 3 banks in 30 minutes; and more.

Write-Offs: 1.25.16

"A Colleague Drank My Breast Milk and Other Wall Street Tales"; Carson Block launches hedge fund; Dov Charney has a plan; New Yorker Posts Brooklyn Igloo on Airbnb During Blizzard, Only $200 a Night; and more.

Write-Offs: 8.18.15

Promontory Financial settles; Hedge funds feeling FitBit; Dov Charney The Musical; "Man Wanted For Throwing Pornographic Paper Airplane"; and more.

Write-Offs: 10.1.15

Judge rules JP Morgan didn't rip off Lehman; David Einhorn's no good very bad month; "Man Robs Nail Salon, But Gets Manicure First"; and more.

Write-Offs: 6.23.15

Goldman Sachs vs. Morgan Stanley; Harvey Keitel sues E*Trade; "After Debate, Middle-School Class Decides Not to Eat Its Pet Fish"; and more.