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Experience The Collapse Of Lehman Brothers Again, For The First Time

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How will you be spending your weekend? I know what I'll be doing, which is reading all the Lehman bankruptcy documents. They've been online for a week or two and we've had some teasers today, covering how much all the big fish got paid and how much all the medium-sized fish in IBD got paid. Naturally those were the first things anyone noticed because, y'know, money. And money is important. But this industry isn't just about money. It's also about hope:

It's about faith:

It's about valuation methods, and the limitations thereof:

It's about the government being useless:

And perhaps most of all, it's about making the first-year lawyer stay up all night to turn the purchase agreement on a deal:

Anyway. They're linked below in their jumbled glory. If you find anything good, by all means let us know.

Huge, amazing pile of documents about Lehman [Jenner & Block]