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Ingrates Pass Up Opportunity To Dine With Warren Buffett's Essence

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No one has stepped up to bid (at least) $6,000 for dinner and a video address by the Oracle of Omaha in the house lived 'til he was 6 years old, so the auction has been canceled. [WSJ, earlier]


Don't Let Opportunity To Simulate Eating Dinner With Warren Buffett Pass You By

Adding yet another level to Buffett-mania, dinner at his childhood home will be auctioned off for charity starting at $6,000. The catch: Warren Buffett won’t actually be there. But he’ll tape a personal video for the dinner party, assuredly complete with plenty of Aw-Shucks memories of growing up in the very home! The guests will also get a personally autographed photo of Buffett in front of the home...As is customary for the hometown loving Buffett, the dinner, for up to 10 guests, will feature Nebraska pride, including Omaha Steaks filet mignons and wine from Spirit World...The bidding for the dinner-sans-Buffett will begin at 7 p.m. ET today. It will remain open until April 20. [WSJ]