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This Is A Description Of A Fight That Occurred At The New York Athletic Club Friday Night

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"Young people, old people, girls, members, nonmembers, it was a nondiscriminatory ragematch.” The witness’s note says that the initial fight seemed to have commenced over a woman, and escalated into a brawl involving three fighting “wolfpacks.” Tables were overturned or moved to the room’s periphery to create a “lion’s pit” for the battle. Other highlights, the witness wrote, included “probably 2 broken noses,” “glasses thrown,” tables overturned, a woman cut badly enough to require stitches, and a “fat pudgy kid” who came out of nowhere, laid out a larger man with a blow to the head, and was tackled by a crowd. The police, who arrived after much of the dust had settled, confirmed only the arrests of three men: Peter Doran, 28, of Glen Head on the North Shore of Nassau County, charged with misdemeanor assault and accused of punching a 49-year-old man in the face; Matthew O’Grady, 31, of neighboring Glen Cove, charged with the same and accused of hitting a 48-year-old man; and Colin Drowica, 30, also of Glen Head, charged with menacing and accused of threatening physical injury to a 58-year-old security guard. There is a Colin Drowica listed on Linkedin as a director at Knight Capital Group, and a brokerage database shows a Colin Drowica at Knight Capital who during a period of unemployment was based in Glen Head. [NYT via BI]


Broker Involved In Unsanctioned "Wolfpack Ragematch" At New York Athletic Club Will Not Be Getting Off

Remember the fight that broke out at the New York Athletic Club last month, which a witness described as a "nondiscriminatory ragematch" involving "young people, old people, girls, members, and nonmembers," which started as a tiff over a woman and "escalated into a brawl involving three fighting wolfpacks," wherein "tables were overturned or moved to the room's periphery to crate a lion's pit for the battle," a "fat pudgy kid came out of nowhere, laid out a larger man with a blow to the head and was tackled by a crowd," approximately two noses were broken, and the police made three arrests? Oddly, it looks unlikely that the guy who did "the most damage" (to people's faces) will be walking away with a slap on the wrist. Manhattan prosecutors aren’t cutting any slack for the handsome broker charged with doing the most damage at an unbridled bar brawl at the otherwise stodgy New York Athletic Club. The DA's office is not making any plea offers for Colin Drowica, 30, of Glen Head, LI, prosecutors said yesterday, as the glum-looking alleged brawler stood before a criminal court judge in a gray business suit. Drowica, a director at Knight Capital, is charged with harassment and misdemeanor assault — which carries up to one year jail — for allegedly punching another man in the club’s Tap Room with enough force to fracture his eye socket. Drowica then joined with fellow North Shore resident clubgoers Peter Doran and Matthew O’Grady in allegedly beating the heck out of a second man during the April 13 free-for-all. Manhattan DA not pulling any punches in charging broker in NYAC brawl [NYP]

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