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Boxing Coach Eric Kelly Would Call Wall Street Clients 'Nerd POS Miscreants' Even If He Wasn't Getting Paid

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Back in the day, Eric Kelly was a four-time National Amateur Boxing champion, who won the NYC Golden Gloves tournament twice, was ranked number one in the country and number four in the world. Then he took a pool cue to the eye and it ended his career. And while Kelly misses doing what he loves, some might say he currently has pretty, pretty sweet gig: teaching financial services hacks how to box by telling them how much they suck.

In this delightful Animal New York video, Kelly takes us through his process, which involves walking around the Church Street Boxing Gym and calling the Wall Street guys he (doesn't) train: "dumb motherfuckers," "fucking nerds," and "pieces of shit." Early on in the tour, he informs the cameraman that "practically all of these motherfuckers suck." He tells one client, "That's a hook, retard," with no further guidance. He asks another, "Where'd you get those shorts from? They look like 1972 NBA Eastern Conference Shorts. It looks like all the nerds in the world decided to have a convention on your body." Later, he expresses his desire for "some of these cats to lose the address to this place," wisely noting that "Not everything is for everybody-- you don't see me going to motherfucking Wall Street, picking up a briefcase trying to type." Still though, Kelly says he "Couldn't ask for a better job, even if the people are...miscreants."

Weak Men Pay This Boxing Coach To Tell Them They Are Terrible [AnimalNY]



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