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Debrahlee “Citi Fired Me Because Of THESE” Lorenzana Has Regrets, Legal Advice

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Lorenzana, a buxom beauty who was axed from her job at Citigroup in 2010, said she fought the bank by herself in arbitration after lawyer Gloria Allred dropped her as a client. “If I could turn back time, I would have not chosen Gloria Allred as my lawyer,” she said. The 35-year-old knockout sued her former employer for allegedly canning her over her killer curves. Lorenzana said she sympathizes with Lauren Odes, the latest pink-slipped stunner to retain Allred. Odes says that her employer tried to get her to “tape her breasts down” and wear a bathrobe at work because her outfits showed too much skin. “Nobody should be fired because of their physical appearance,” Lorenzana said. “I feel sorry for the girl.” But Odes could be in for a rude awakening, Lorenzana said, charging that Allred worked her case more like a photo-op than a lawsuit — a charge the big-name attorney disputed. “The only times I saw her (Allred) was when the media was there,” she said. Lorenzana said that Allred dumped her after the celebrity lawyer pushed for a settlement, but she wanted to press on. [NYDN, earlier]


Citi Would Like To Make It Clear It Did Not Pay Debrahlee Lorenzana A Dime

Remember Debrahlee Lorenzana? For those with short memories, two years ago, Lorenzana sued Citibank for firing her for allegedly being "too hot," a claim representatives of the bank denied several times, while also calling her an attention whore. After the initial hoopla, interest in Lorenzana, who once appeared on a TV show discussing her reasons for having her breasts enlarged (she wanted to look like "tits on a stick" in order to attract a "professional, well-educated man) died down and many likely forgot about the story of T's on an S versus Citi.  In a Daily News article today, though, Debs said that she passed on a settlement wanting instead to "press on." While it's not clear that anyone reading the piece took it to mean Lorenzana had in fact received damages for her hotness, Citi, which long ago had it with this chick, was not having it. Lest there be any confusion about whether or not she extracted jack from Vikram et al, the bank has gone on record to say: "The case is concluded, and Citibank did not enter into any kind of a settlement with Ms. Lorenzana or provide any payment to her."