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Maria Bartiromo Was Put On This Earth To Throw Heat From The Mound At Yankee Stadium

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And my final words of wisdom are: Believe in yourself. A few years ago, I thought I had seen it all, having had this front row seat to so much happening in business globally. But then I received a call that led to one of the most exciting days of my life. It was the New York Yankees calling. They wanted me to throw out the first pitch in the last game of the season. I immediately said yes. I said, of course, I will throw out the first pitch. What an honor! Then I hung up and said, “What did I just do??” I don't even know how to play baseball. I don't know the first thing about a pitch! Never mind throwing it 60 feet to get it over the plate!! And with 60,000 fans in the stadium!!! There was no way I am getting booed in my hometown. So, I practiced for a month, every night and every weekend; I perfected my pitch. On the day of the game, right before they called me to the mound, I turned to my trainer. I said, “Dan, what am I doing? I can't do this. I am not a baseball player!” He turned to me and looked me right in the eye and said, “Maria, we have been working on this. You have been doing it. Now go do what you are supposed to do.” He said, “Maria, when you are out on that mound, remember one thing: Maria, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.” [BI, related]