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SALT 2012 Entertainment Will Let Himself Out

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"In case you don't know who we are, we're Maroon 5," joked Levine, who performed wearing skinny jeans, a tight black T-shirt revealing extensive tattoos, and his signature three-day stubble. Most people in the several hundred person crowd indeed weren't sure what they were watching. What's their name again?" asked on elderly asset trustee; another 40-something hedge fund manager said he looked up the odd-sounding name shortly before the show. "I had to Google it," he admitted...For the most partk, hedge funders watched politely if unenthusiastically while sipping on Bud Light bottles and 2008 Washington state Merlot; others networked in the half-full ballroom, checking their Blackberries in between business card exchanges. [AR, related, related]


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If you tell anyone about this he'll f*cking kill you!