Write-Offs: 05.30.12

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$$$EU Weighs Direct Aid To Banks As Antidote To Crisis [Bloomberg]

$$$Tempted, U.S. Funds Hop the Pond [WSJ]

$$$Two top Fed officials cool to more easing [Reuters]

$$$ "Mr. Gupta’s lawyer sought to depict the Rajaratnam brothers and other Galleon employees as braggarts who lied about having inside sources to impress their colleagues. ... Mr. Naftalis asked Mr. Cardillo about a recommendation by Mike Fisherman, a former Galleon colleague, to bet that shares of the women’s retailer Chico’s would fall. When pressed by his colleagues for his reasons for shorting the stock, Mr. Fisherman said that he had a tip from Chico’s chief financial officer, according to Mr. Naftalis. Mr. Fisherman later told Mr. Cardillo that he fabricated his inside source at Chico’s, Mr. Naftalis suggested." [DealBook]

$$$Nicolas Sarkozy's brother is dating Mary-Kate Olsen [NYP]

$$$ Ronin Capital is looking for a portfolio management assistant and a quantitative research analyst in Chicago [DBCC]

$$$Investors Keep Yanking Cash Out of Stock Funds [MarketBeat]

$$$High Yield Default Rates Finally Starting to Rise [Bond Vigilantes]

$$$ Selling short-dated warrants is rarely a good way to raise a large chunk of your market cap [DEM]

$$$ "Can I just say that IMO / Lannisters have to be Germany / because of the debt thing" [FTAV]

$$$Mitt Romney iPhone App, 'With Mitt,' Misspells 'America' [HuffPo]


Write-Offs: 03.01.12

$$$ Eurozone delays Athens rescue funds [FT] $$$ Loans to Banks Cool Debt Crisis [WSJ] $$$ European Leaders Challenged by Rise in Joblessness [NYT] $$$ An explanation of that Barclays tax trade, with cartoons [FTAV] $$$ Sofa King can no longer advertise prices that are "Sofa King low" in the UK [Language Log] $$$ Mitt Romney has worn a garbage bag for rain gear $$$ Fed's Dilemma: Markets Want Both Growth—And Stimulus [CNBC] $$$ Facebook seeking bigger credit line [Reuters] $$$ Unlike other types of complex financial transactions, insider trading prosecutions usually do not require jurors to develop sophisticated knowledge of the financial markets or securities valuation. There is not a statutory definition establishing its parameters, so it can be applied to a wide variety of transactions, and the crime does not have complicated requirements for proving a violation. Prosecutors are cracking down on insider trading because there's no law telling people what's illegal and unsophisticated jurors will convict [DealBook] $$$ Oprah's Book Club makes people read less [MR] $$$ The personal assistant of Paris Hilton's sister's hedge funder ex-husband Todd Meister was maybe dating him while she was stealing $1mm from him, or something like that [NYP]

Write-Offs: 06.12.12

$$$ Swelling Bond Yields Add to EU Pressure [WSJ] $$$ Goodbye Smith Barney [DealBook] $$$ A Marxist take on the European Central Bank [Slack Wire] $$$ Izzy Kaminska: "If it is true that the system can increasingly provide a base level of existence for ever more people for almost no cost, should we be surprised that those western countries where a base level of existence is adequate — because of weather, surroundings and general environment — are the first to opt out of unnecessary human productivity?" [FTAV] $$$ Corporate political giving is negatively correlated with market performance for most companies, positively correlated with performance for firms in highly regulated industries [Rice via WonkBlog] $$$ Mitt Romney and "Sport," a Continuing Saga [MoJo] $$$ CRT Capital Group is looking for a credit product sales assistant in Stamford [DBCC] $$$ SEC Charges 14 Sales Agents In $415 Million Long Island-Based Ponzi Scheme [SEC] $$$ Greek Antiquities, Long Fragile, Are Endangered by Austerity [NYT] $$$ The Volume Clock: Insights into the High Frequency Paradigm [SSRN via MR] $$$ Someone at ISDA appears to have the job of pointing out when Gretchen Morgenson is wrong about derivatives [ISDA] $$$ The explosion of the yacht named Blind Date was a hoax [NYP]