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Jim Rogers Would've Told Spain To Take A Hike

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On Monday, investors breathed a sigh of relief after the EU agreed to lend $125 billion to Spain’s banks. But billionaire investor Jim Rogers wasn't relieved. He thinks the bailout is misguided – even the worst possible thing that could have happened. “Let them go bankrupt. Let them all go bankrupt!” he exclaimed on CNBC...Not only does he think it’s absurd, he’s all but certain the EU is making a bad situation worse. “The solution to too much debt is not more debt! This is most insane thing I’ve ever heard. It’s going to make the collapse, when it comes even worse – be careful. No, don’t be careful," he added. "Be worried.” [CNBC]


Twinkie Economics In Spain

The good people who used to run Hostess Brands aren't the only people who came up with the idea of raiding pensions to pay bills: