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Metro North Operators Will Drive And Read The Paper If They Want To

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Riding Metro North later today? If so, do yourself a favor and hole up in the Bar Car and/or sit quietly while minding your own damn business, whether or not you suspect the driver is doing the crossword puzzle while driving, which he or she probably most definitely is. After a video shot by a passenger last week showing "a Metro North engineer engrossed in a newspaper while operating a rush hour train" resulted in the guy being suspended pending an investigation, fellow railroad workers, rather than making a big show of proving they don't all catch up on the news while driving, have responded by more or less telling riders, "We don't come to where you work and slap the dick out of your mouth."

Days after a train engineer was suspended following being caught on camera reading a newspaper while at the controls, some windows that look into the operators' cabs have been covered up. Posters, including a "Today in New York" advertisement, were seen taped to the windows of some driving cabs on Metro-North trains Saturday. While the MTA condemns driving while distracted, MTA officials say there is nothing wrong with covering windows.

Apparently "the company does not have a policy that either prohibits or encourages train crew members from papering over or otherwise obscuring interior cab windows."

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