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Sublet Bret Easton Ellis's No-Bedroom Studio For $5,000 / Month Or He'll Kill You

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In fairness, we don't know that the American Psycho writer actually has plans to murder anyone for not renting out the place, but it seems logical he might, given that pictured above is the living room/kitchen/bedroom and interested parties may be tough to come by. [Curbed]


Who Wants To Buy A $150 Million Condo?

If it's you, consider today your lucky day! This one can be yours for the low, low price of $18,750,000 per bathroom.

Do You Let Your Watch Talk For You?

And if so, do want to wear one that says "I love UBS and I don't care who knows it" but unfortunately do not work for the bank and therefore were not given a timepiece that says just that? Do not despair. You, too, can now own Swatch watch that was specially commissioned to commemorate UBS's 150th birthday, provided you beat out all the other guys and girls who want a piece of it. Swatch Irony UBS Limited Edition - YCZ4001 - New for 2012 [eBay]