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Bank Of America Willing To Concede Traumautized Homeowners May Not Be Eager To Do Business With Or Even Open Mail From The Death Star

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When Bank of America Corp. sent letters to 60,000 struggling homeowners offering to slice an average $150,000 off their loans, the lender got an unusual response from most of them: silence. Homeowners who fell behind on their payments began receiving the mailings in May, part of the bank’s effort to meet terms of the $25 billion industry settlement over foreclosure abuses. More than half haven’t responded as “borrower fatigue” causes them to tune out the offers, said Dan Frahm, a spokesman for the Charlotte, North Carolina-based bank. “The number of customers responding is lower than we expected, given the significant assistance available,” Frahm said in an interview. “We are working very hard to determine why response rates are lower than expectations.” [...] Frahm, the Bank of America spokesman, acknowledged that botched customer interactions “could be a reason for lower- than-expected response rates.” [Bloomberg, related, related, related]


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